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We will be hosting an event where our comedians will take to the stage in Sheffield. The 8 Weeks of FREE Training will begin at the dates shown below. You can sign up now to take part.

  • Aimed At Beginners
  • 8 Weeks FREE Training
  • Raise Money For Cancer Research UK
  • Stand Up At A Glamorous Event
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Current Event

  • Event Date
  • Venue
    The Leadmill
  • Training Held At
    New Barrack Tavern, 601 Penistone Rd, Sheffield S6 2GA
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* training starts the week commencing.

Top Fundraisers

Katie Mason-Mara
Masha Bennett
Rachael Galletly
Billy Taylor
Kirsty Sellers

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8 weeks free stan up comedy training
Perform at a glamorous event
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