Excited crowd at an Ultra Comedy event.
A Word From Jim Bayes
Written By Jim Bayes – Leeds Comedy Coach They say the best things in life are free, I don’t know who this “they” are but I reckon they, like me, were probably from Yorkshire. Sadly though very little in life is free so imagine my shock when I met Lisa from Ultra Events and she […]
Raise Money And Be Funny
Raise Money And Be Funny
Ultra Comedy will give you a unique way to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Lots of people run marathons and do bungee jumps to raise money for charity, with Ultra Comedy you will receive 8 weeks of FREE comedy coaching to build your confidence. The crowd at our events will be full of people […]
Free Comedy Course
FREE Comedy Course
Ultra Comedy offers people 8 weeks of completely free comedy coaching. You will meet as a group with a professional comedian once a week to be given tuition on how to deliver your lines and perform in front of a crowd. Across the 8 weeks, your confidence will grow and you will feel at ease […]