Ultra Comedy Comedian on stage during their set.
Could I become a professional comedian if I start with Ultra comedy?
Becoming a professional comedian is a challenging but achievable goal with the right combination of talent, hard work, and dedication. Starting with Ultra comedy be an excellent way to begin your comedic journey, gain experience, and develop your comedic skills. Here are some steps to consider if you aspire to become a professional comedian: Perform […]
Ultra Comedy take to the stage
Can I prepare to do a stand up act in 8 weeks?
Yes, it is possible to prepare for a stand-up comedy act in 8 weeks, but it will require dedication, focus, and consistent effort. Here are some steps you can follow to get started and make the most of your time: Write Material: Begin by brainstorming and writing down ideas for jokes and comedic anecdotes. Focus […]
Ultra Comedy Comedian on stage during their set.
Can I go from being a beginner to a professional comedian?
Yes, it is possible to go from being a beginner to a professional comedian with dedication, hard work, and persistence. Many successful comedians started as beginners with little to no experience in comedy. Here are some steps to help you on your journey to becoming a professional comedian: Develop Your Skills: Begin by writing and […]
Excited crowd at an Ultra Comedy event.
What’s the best way to get my friends to watch my first stand-up comedy act?
Getting your friends to watch your first stand-up comedy act requires effective communication and a bit of persuasion. Here are some tips to encourage them to attend and support you: Personal Invitations: Reach out to your friends individually and invite them personally. A one-on-one conversation or a personal message can make a stronger impact than […]
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Why its important to get friends to buy tickets.
Performing your first comedy set in front of a friendly audience is important for several reasons: Support and Encouragement: A friendly audience, such as friends, family, or supportive peers, will be more understanding and encouraging during your first comedy performance. Their positive energy can boost your confidence and ease nerves, creating a more comfortable atmosphere. […]
Ultra Comedy Comedian on stage during their set.
Is an 8 week course a good way to get into comedy?
An 8-week course can be a valuable and effective way to become a comedian for several reasons: Structured Learning: The Ultra Comedy courses are designed to provide a structured learning environment, which allows aspiring comedians to progress systematically. Each week, students can focus on specific aspects of comedy, such as writing jokes, developing stage presence, […]
Ultra Comedy Comedian on stage during their set.
Why should you do a comedy course?
Comedy courses are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, but what is unique about Ultra Comedy is that it is completely free! We offer you 8 weeks of free coaching with a professional comic and at the end of this, you get to test out your material at one of the best comedy clubs in […]
Ultra Comedy Comedian on stage during their set.
What to expect from your Ultra Comedy course
When we launched Ultra Comedy we got told ‘you can’t learn to be funny’ which we believe is absolutely false. You can 100% learn to be funny, it’s all about what you say, and how you say it – and that’s what we are here to teach you. If you’re naturally the class clown or […]
Excited crowd at an Ultra Comedy event.
A Word From Jim Bayes
Written By Jim Bayes – Leeds Comedy Coach They say the best things in life are free, I don’t know who this “they” are but I reckon they, like me, were probably from Yorkshire. Sadly though very little in life is free so imagine my shock when I met Lisa from Ultra Events and she […]